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Cultivating the Future

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Student Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations, University of Notre Dame

Team Member

Fall 2021

Developed and presented ideas for in-land shipping section of the Haiti Salt Project’s new project extension centered on funding through collection of plastic from ACE schools and transported to plastic processing facilities


1. Assistance with the evaluation of a fourth Social Enterprise in Haiti: processing recycled plastic to create PET-extruded building material (ala TREX composite material) and/or competing with imported-to-Haiti plastic packaging material (ala beverage bottles).

2. Development of a “stage-gate” process through which the “recycled plastic” projects and/or other social enterprise projects could be brought from concept-phase to launch-phase.

3. Understanding of the current SEI business models in Haiti, in particular, HSP.

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Personal Focus

I was tasked with finding the most cost efficient and time effective in-land shipping service offered to transport recycled plastic from ACE sponsored schools to processing facilities. When it comes to partnering with the Haitian government, it is very unstable and unpredictable, which is why commercial family run businesses such as Enmarcolda are the most reliable. Enmarcolda was founded by the L’Adesky-Lemke family over a century ago offering the necessary 24/7 services in trucking, port handling and shipping services. Generations upon generations have built both strong social and business relationships that contribute to its rich network that we found very attractive to partner with.


Additionally, we were encouraged to share any ideas. I suggested an idea for the collection of plastic would be to have ACE Schools relay their amount of plastic whether its through an app, database or google sheet to Enmarcolda. This could be the easiest form of communication or something integrated into the routing software, but overall whatever is the most convenient for Enmarcolda. Based off of each school’s response, Enmarcolda would only pick up collected plastic from locations that reach the designated capacity. Therefore, the routes would be updated and most likely different each time, but ultimately the most time and cost effective approach. Extra labor costs or gas prices but most importantly time for example would be avoided.