The Gift that Gives



Our Story & Mission

My love for Lilly began at a young age when my mother began dressing my sister Pilar and me in Lilly clothing. We were often seen in their brightly patterned dresses with big colorful bows in our hair. For my 10th birthday, because there were no Lilly backpacks on the market at the time, I designed my own out of Lilly dresses. Several months later, using quilted scraps left over from the dresses, I helped my sister create our very first coffee sleeve for her Mother's Day gift. After receiving countless compliments and realizing how effectively the kozie insulated her coffee, it occurred to us this could be a gift that gives back. Combining our desire to spread happiness with beautiful kozies and connecting our hearts to beautiful children in need across the world, Kozies for Kids, Inc. was founded!

At Kozies for Kids, our mission was to provide a stylish kozie that effectively insulates and preserves the environment by reducing waste associated with paper disposable sleeves. With all profits being donated, your purchase from Kozies for Kids would help provide basic necessities of life for the Ugandan orphans living at Lliam Children's Ministry. Each buyer not only walked away with a quality product but also knew they were helping to make a difference in the lives of these beautiful children!

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Cleveland, OH

Founder & CEO

August 2018 - July 2020

Launched not-for-profit business selling insulated coffee sleeves totaling $3,500 benefitting befriended children of Ugandan orphanage Lliam Children's Ministry to expand building

  • Created International Pen Pals Club which began as a letter exchange between 30 students in partnership with Ugandan Orphanage Lliam Children’s Ministry for abused and abandoned children with the purpose of exposing students to different cultures and new international friendships; expanded to include an all-girls school in Honduras to meet demand of tripled club size; communications broadened to include care packages

  • Launched business selling patented original designs of insulated coffee sleeve prototypes with former Vera Bradley manufacturer; presented and granted permission from licensee of designer brand Lilly Pulitzer

  • Sold in person and online via website with original graphics, all proceeds benefiting partners of International Pen Pals Club


Before launching Kozies for Kids, I had no prior experience in developing websites or working with Adobe illustrator for graphic design. With ample time and hardwork, I was able to navigate the programs and familiarize myself enough with code to create my own website. It proved very advantageous to have in-person and online selling locations. I really enjoyed developing these skills and sparking my interest in marketing, entreprenuership and graphic design. By clicking the image below, you can explore my website