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A Loving Home for the Dying Poor

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Cleveland, OH

Graphic Artist

Summer 2019

Created graphic marketing material used for non-profit fundraising and invitations


~ Kaki O'Neill, Founder of Malachi House

No home, no family, no friends to provide care. This is a reality for many Clevelanders in life's final journey.  Yet one loving home offers respite for the dying poor: Malachi House.  

Since volunteering in grade school, I recognized how profoundly beautiful they preserved each resident's dignity with emotional, physical and spiritual support during their final months. Last summer, I readily accepted the opportunity to design a marketing piece. Seeking inspiration throughout Malachi House, I noted the delicate red rose leaning against a white, heart-shaped bed pillow. There it remains for 24 hours, marking a beloved resident's passing. This imprinted on my heart the essence of Malachi House.


 Each design features roses representing the passing souls ascending to heaven, shaped in a heart, symbolizing the loving home Malachi House provides. 

My goal was for someone to recognize this image amidst their pile of mail, whether a Christmas card or a fundraiser invitation, and take a moment to learn more about Malachi House. If you explore their mission and choose to support them with your time or contributions, then my vision will be complete.

Volunteer Spotlight

Summer 2019 Newsletter

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Original Designs

Used throughout year 2019 - 2020